How do you lead towards 100% Employment?

We provide the Job Offer letter on the day of admission to secure your Dream Job which creates a peaceful situation “NO WORRY ABOUT JOB WHILE STUDY” and a great mental stability.

After completion of Practical Training and Skill Development Programme along with a recognized degree students’ will be placed in various departments of Gyan Vitaranam Media Pvt. Ltd. Its ventures at any of its available locations situated across length and width of India. The jobs once secured will generate remuneration of Rs. 15,000/-Per month to 50000/- Per month according to their job profile and position based on his/her capability.


Be A Journalist, Be a Pioneer.......

Career as Journalist

Journalism is an important component in a democratic society. Professionals as journalist are involved in production and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, which impacts society at a large. Here you can choose between print, electronic or online media. You can become a journalist or a news anchor for TV or Radio. A print, broadcast or online journalist presents news on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines or on news websites. The broadcast area – the role of a news anchor has a glamour quotient attached! Their main work profile is to compile all news and present it in a simple but effective manner

Career as Advertising / Marketing / Brand Professional:

Marketing and advertising careers are just as dynamic and diverse. Marketing careers are ever-evolving with the growth of new media and online opportunities and the professionals get involve into the planning and execution of marketing plans for many leading Indian and international brands.. The world of advertising is exciting and there are different areas that you can choose from like account servicing, account planning, creative services, which includes copy writing and art direction. Advertising is about brand communication & the purpose is to sell. You will get opportunities to involve in new product development, product launches, advertising communications, consumer research, packaging updates and consumer promotions in various capacities like client servicing executive/Manager/Director, Copy Executive/Manager, Creative Director, Account Planning Executive/Manager/Director.

Career as Public Relations:

Public relations managers are in demand in all media houses, big corporates and even in public and private sectors. They are responsible for brand building and effective communication. Public image is important to all organizations and prominent personalities. Public relations involves monitoring and evaluating public attitudes and maintaining mutual relations and understanding between an organization and its publics, which could include shareholders, government, consumers, employees and the media.

Career as Script Writer:

With television serials grabbing eyeballs and ads trending, many young people do want to get into such creativity, script writers are back boons of this industry as we all know that a script is the soul of any programme or movie. We can't imagine any TV show, movie or even an ad without a good script. A script writer is not even responsible for writing script but also responsible for developing storyline, creating characters and write dialogues. To become a good script writer one has to be a good observer and learner, and should have the ability to develop ideas from day-to-day life to unfurl the requirement of the story. The success of any movie or TV show depends on upon how well the script is written. So, if you think you have the creative streak, go for it!

Career in Events Management:

Event management is a fast moving industry today, with events being hosted almost daily – like weddings, musical shows and so on. So, making a career in event management is a good choice. Organizing a perfectly synchronized, well-planned, well-conducted and memorable event, requires the supervision and services of well-trained and experienced event professional.
The success of an event manager depends on upon how well he organizes the event and how effectively he is able to achieve both event and marketing objectives. The roles that you can take up are — marketing and planning of the event, operations and logistics and even handling the PR for the event. It will keep you on your toes, for sure.

Career as a Content Writer:

A career in content writing comes with endless opportunities and challenges. The content writers have always been in demand with enormous scope. However, with the advent of the internet, the demand for excellent writers have increased manifold.Content Writing involves writing the content for almost anything. For instance, as a content writer, you will be writing the content for websites, marketing collaterals (such as brochures, newsletters, advertisements, emails, pamphlets, packing, leaflets, blogs, research papers, press releases, Copy Writing etc. The term Copy Writing is frequently used for writing creative content such as ads, landing pages content, etc. Copy writing is written to influence readers' behavior and convince them to make a purchase or take a particular action.